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Welcome to West Canyon Elementary

Uniting with parents and students, we will strive to cultivate a growth mindset and positive relationships, while implementing a rigorous curriculum to ensure all students are prepared to pursue and achieve their dreams after high school.
Dare to Dream...It Matters! 
Dear West Canyon Families,
I am so excited to welcome you to another school year! You will find lots of information included in this handbook, and it is very important that you read through it with your child. We have many fun and exciting activities and events coming up this year, and we encourage you to get involved and have fun along with the kids.
Part of the reason we are a successful school is because parents, teachers and students work together so well. We need your support now more than ever—we will not be able to help your child reach his or her goals without your help preparing them ahead of time. Please support your child and his or her teacher by reading with your child (either reading to them, with them, or listening to them read) each day. Designate a spot to do homework in, and decide on a consistent time and routine. This will help build the skills they will need to not only succeed at West Canyon, but in middle and high school as well.
West Canyon is a ‘Tribes School’ which means we operate under the basic ideals of the Tribes Program. This program emphasizes the manner in which we all treat one another—students and staff alike. These are the agreements that everyone who works or attends here follows every day:
     -Attentive Listening (quietly looking at the speaker)
     -Show Appreciation/No Put-downs (unkind words/actions are not acceptable; rather, we give positive feedback
       to others)
     -Confidentiality/No Gossip (each person tells only those needing to know)
     -Everyone Participates with the Right to Pass (participating includes listening and think time)
     -Appropriate Task Completion (doing the right thing at the right time for the length of time necessary)
Our school discipline model comes from the book, Teaching with Love & Logic. We have established four principles which guide our decisions for determining discipline. These principles are:
1. I believe students should be responsible for solving their own problems with adult guidance provided the
      solution does not make a problem for others.
2. I believe that I should make every attempt to maintain the dignity of both the student and the adult during a
      disciplinary situation.
3. I believe that students should see a reasonable connection between their actions and the consequences that
4. I believe that misbehavior should be handled with natural or logical consequences instead of punishment,
      whenever possible.

I am certain you will find the staff helpful, kind and courteous. We strive to make sure that anyone who comes into our building feels welcome, and that students feel safe and secure. We would welcome any feedback, suggestions or concerns that you might have. Be sure to keep your eye out for a monthly newsletter from the school, as well as communication from your child’s teacher.
Hats off to a great school year!
Cindy Dodd, Principal